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Food Safety Round Table


On September 22nd at the Bonduelle-Kuban factory in the Novotitarovskiy district, Krasnodar region, a roundtable was held for AEB Southern Regional Committee members on food safety.

Yasinovskaya Violetta, head of service quality assurance, Bonduelle Kuban; Anna Skiba, food safety manager, Nestle Kuban; Vernikovskaya Natalya, head of food safety and quality control in Russia, supply of grain and oilseeds, Europe, Cargill Russia Krasnodar, talked about the practices employed by their companies in respect of quality. Representatives of the AEB Southern Regional Committee member companies discussed the healthy nutrition programme implemented by the companies, the Russian regulatory and legal framework for organic production, and the labeling of products.
A tour around the Bonduelle production facilities was held for the participants of the roundtable which included a product tasting session.
At the roundtable an agreement was reached about the exchange of information on service quality between AEB member companies and the holding of further events on this subject in the future.

Photo L-R: Participants of the event