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Global Information Agenda in Digital Era


Оn 2 July, 2020, the AEB PR & Communications Committee held its open meeting entitled ”Global Information Agenda in Digital Era”.

 The meeting was focused on current trends in the international media space and the threats faced by professional communicators in terms of the fake content spread through the new media, Internet services, social networks, messengers and other digital channels. 


The invited speaker Andrei V. Manoilo, PhD in Political Science, Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, delivered the presentation ”Fake news and how to live with it”. The presentation provided the platform for discussion of the fake news essence and propagation mechanisms, viral marketing tools, ways to cope with fake news and to counteract it. The speaker provided a number of practical examples of how fake news and viral information are used for socio-economic and political destabilization and the instruments of influencing political and economic processes and conducting information warfare.

The meeting was moderated by Marina Tatarskaya, Chairperson of the AEB PR & Communications Committee, Corporate Communications Director, Ferrero Russia. 

The full record of the meeting is available at the following link: 

Presentation_Andrei Manoilo_ENG.pdf View/Open