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GR training by Kesarev for AEB


On May 26, AEB employees completed the training “The role and tools of a foreign intersectoral business association in the field of interaction with government agencies: the Russian Federation and the EAEU”, which was specially prepared and conducted by Kesarev Consulting employees specially for the AEB.

Despite the daily involvement of AEB employees in solving GR tasks, AEB coordinators received a lot of new information, useful tips and examples of GR cases from the practice of Kesarev consultants.

The process of passing legislative initiatives in Russia and the EAEU, how and why should a stakeholder map be done, what is issue management, how to manage crisis situations, how to make meetings with officials constructive and effective - these and many other topics were the subject of discussion at the training.

The training for the AEB was conducted by senior advisers Elena Korchagina and Rinat Galitdinov, partners Yury Panasik and Vitaly Zhigulin. Philippe Pegorier, partner of Kesarev, Deputy Chairman of the AEB Board, opened the event and shared his experience of interaction with government agencies.

AEB would like to thank Kesarev staff for their time and knowledge, which will make our work even better.