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Hospitality Committee meeting with MVD, FSB, Moscow Government regarding electronic migration registration


On May 18, 2018, AEB Hotels and Tourism Committee participated in the meeting, which was dedicated to the migration registration of guests accommodated in the Hotels and implementation of the electronic system in Hotels to transfer guests’ data to the Ministry of internal affairs for migration registration purpose. 

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Vladimir Chernikov, Minister of Moscow Government, Head of Moscow Department of Regional Security and Anti-Corruption, and Mr. Dmitry Sergeenko, Head of Migration Directorate of MVD of Russia in Moscow. 

During the meeting, the hotels’ representatives addressed the questions concerning particularities of migration registration procedure of guests for Hotels. 

Since there are a lot of questions related to the technical aspects of data transferring from a Hotel to MVD of Russia, Vladimir Chernikov gave an order to the state-owned public enterprise "Moscow Security" together with the Migration Directorate of MVD of Russia in Moscow to connect the hotels to the electronic data transmission system before the World Cup FIFA 2018 will start (June 15, 2018).