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“How normal is the new normal?”


On 15 October 2015, the AEB Finance & Investments Committee held the open event “How normal is the new normal?”.

At the moment it is hard to forecast the economic developments and investment climate in the future. This event served as a platform to take stock of the challenges facing companies operating in Russia and to look at how long and deep the crisis may be. The event gave the audience the opportunity to hear the thoughts of the speakers Tobias Luepke, EY, Tom Adshead, Macro-Advisory Ltd, and Arthur Iliev, Clifford Chance, and to discuss with them the prognosis for the Russian economy, government policy, import substitution, the investment climate, sanctions, the free floating rouble, etc. The event was moderated by Stuart Lawson, Chairman of the AEB Finance & Investments Committee, EY. The welcome speech was made by Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO.

The presentations can be downloaded here:

L–R: Arthur Iliev, Partner, Clifford Chance; Tom Adshead, COO, Macro-Advisory Ltd; Tobias Luepke, Partner CIS Transaction M&A Law Leader; Head of German Business, EY; Stuart Lawson, Chairman of the AEB Finance & Investments Committee, Executive Director, EY; Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO.