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On 27 August 2014, the AEB HR Committee held its open event titled ”HR GAME” - a business simulation, structured as a business game. The concept of this event was jointly developed by the AEB Assessment, Training and Development Sub-Committee, and by Oleg Zamyshlyaev Lab. The game was designed for HR-managers and for everyone who needs to get the tools of human resource management process, to understand the relationship and the consequences of decisions, work out in the development of management strategies and employee motivation. The participants formed several teams competing in one market and struggling for talent. Afterwards, they had a chance to discuss the outcomes and relate them to the real-life Talent management strategies.

L-R: Adel Shardina, Alexander Belyakov, Oleg Zamyshlyaev, Oleg Zamyshlyaev Lab; Irina Zarina, Chair of the AEB Assessment, Training & Development Sub-Committee, Managing Director, CEB SHL Talent Measurement Solutions.