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IT and Telecom Committee met with the Deputy Head of FSTEK


On October 30, 2020, the AEB IT&Telecom Committee met with Vitaly Lutikov, the Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK). 

The meeting was moderated by Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO.


The participants of the event marked out, that issues of information infrastructure security (more broadly - cybersecurity) are today on the top of agenda. In modern conditions, technologies and processes used in almost all areas of production and provision of services are inextricably integrated with the work of complex information systems and software and hardware complexes. Correspondingly, the risks of cyber threats are increasing, and for their effective prevention, regular joint work of regulatory bodies responsible for developing cybersecurity policy and economic actors is required.

 In the Russian Federation, with the entry into force of the 187th Federal Law "On the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII)" and by-laws, a number of requirements have been established in the field of ensuring information security of CII facilities. 

These requirements apply to many sectors of the economy where the AEB members conduct their activities - from the IT industry and the financial sector to the production of industrial and power equipment. The AEB closely monitors the development and application of these regulations. Many practical aspects of the application of the developed requirements are still unclear for participants in economic activity and require additional explanations. 


It was of great value for the AEB member companies that have gathered today to receive first-hand answers. The atmosphere of the meeting was constructive, friendly, professional and highly appreciated by the participants. The AEB heartedly thanks V.Lutikov for his availability and answers provided.