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AEB North-Western Regional Committee jogging club


AEB has long wanted to develop sports direction and finally it happened. On April 29, 2023, AEB North-Western Regional Committee's members gathered to have the first outdoor jogging along the Palace Embankment and Kronverkskaya Naberezhnaya. And on May 5 the second run took place.

For some commitee members who loint the jogging club it was a first run, for others it is like daily activity. The most important is that everyone had a nice time, interesting talk, outdoor sport activity with beautiful views, and definitely a feeling of satisfaction which is a good and positive start of the holidays. 


Newcomers are always welcomed to join the NWRC jogging club!

North-Western Regional Committee will inform you about its next outdoor jogging. If you are interested, please contact the coordinator of the North-West Regional Committee Anna Podryadchikova.

AEB doesn't stop there. More activities are ahead.