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Legal Update on personal data


On November 5, 2019,  The AEB IT-Telecom Committee held its open event «Legal Update on personal data».

Edgars Puzo, the AEB IT-Telecom Committee Chairman, (Atos) moderated the open event. 

 Among speakers – Anastasia Petrova (ALRUD Law Firm) who spoke on recent legislative internet regulatory initiatives; Natalia Abteshko (VEGAS LEX GROUP) made an overview of new elements in the regulation of PD in Russia; Roskomnadzor audits and its actual and potential consequences in 2019-2020 - such was a topic of presentation by Vadim Perevalov (Baker McKenzie); Andrey Slepov, Partner, BEITEN BURKHARDT, has analyzed implementation practices and compliance checks PD database localization requirements;  Dmitry Sokolov has shared with the audience the practical experience in applying the law on PD from Orange Business Services; Denis Bushnev (SCHNEIDER GROUP) spoke about concrete case relating to disclosure of trade secrets and personal data.

Personal data protection continues to be one of the most important topics in the world. The participants discussed the latest legislative initiatives in the field of Internet regulation and other relevant issues.