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Localization in IT


On January 24, an open event organized by the AEB IT and Telecommunications Committee "Localization in IT" was held at the AEB office in a hybrid format. 

The participants of the meeting shared information on the practice of the RKN and courts on localization of personal data, exceptions to the localization requirement and risk-based approach to localization of personal data, information on localization of websites (contact forms, metrics, etc.) and their legal and practical aspects.

In addition, the speakers touched upon practical topics such as localization of the ERP database in connection with Federal Standard on bank accounting 27, as well as the experience of implementing an order placement system.

The participants of the meeting also answered questions from online and offline participants.

5.Systeme Electric, Experience in implementing an order placement system.pdf View/Open
2. ALRUD, Exception th the localizatiom requirments and a risk-based approach to the localization of personal data.pdf View/Open
1.Meilling, Voitishkin & Pertners, Recent practice of RKN and courts on personal data localization.pdf View/Open
4. SCHEIDER GROUP, Localization of the ERP Circuit database in connection with FSBU 27.pdf View/Open
3. ADVANT Beiten, Localization of websites (contact forms, metrics, etc). Legal and practical aspects.pdf View/Open