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Master class for graduates of Moscow State University


On July 26, 2022, AEB PR and Communications Commettee organized a master class of  AEB CEO Tadzio Schilling for the graduates of the journalism and sociology faculties of Moscow State University. 

Marina Tatarskaya, AEB PR & Communications Committee Chairperson, moderated the meeting and shared her own experience and observations on the dynamics of European business development in Russia.

Tadzio began his speech to the graduates with a story about himself, his history of acquaintance with Russia and move. He answered questions about the interaction of European business with government agencies, about the role of the AEB in strengthening the business climate. 

Of course, one of the most exciting questions for graduates was employment issues: how to get an internship in a foreign company, how to get a job, what competencies you need to have. Tadzio and Marina spoke about the situation on the labor market and gave valuable advice to young people. The meeting participants shared their views on the role of the media, and the graduates asked many different questions about the economy and the nuances of doing business in Russia.