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Mayor of Moscow prolonged the self-isolation regime in Moscow until 31 May 2020 inclusive and introduced an obligation to wear a mask and gloves in public spaces and transport as of 12 May 2020


On 7 May 2020, Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decrees №55-УМ and №56-УМ prolonging the self-isolation regime in Moscow until 31 May 2020 inclusive and introducing an obligation to wear a mask and gloves at trade facilities and in public transport in Moscow starting from 12 May 2020.

Here are, in detail, the main measures taken by the Moscow authorities:

1. Starting May 12, 2020, industrial and construction enterprises may return to work. Are resumed the construction of roads, schools, kindergartens and other facilities necessary for the city.

At the same time, the work of enterprises and construction sites should be organized in accordance with the requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological regime.
Only those workers whose presence in workshops, offices and construction sites is necessary for technological reasons can return to workplaces. Anyone who can work remotely should still stay at home.
Social distance must be ensured in the workrooms, and if necessary, partitions are installed that divide the workplaces of employees.
At workplaces, employees should use personal protective equipment - masks, respirators and gloves (except when working in isolated rooms without the presence of other persons).
Employers are required to provide regular random testing of their employees for new coronavirus infection.
If these requirements are not observed, enterprises and construction sites will be closed. Monitoring compliance with sanitary requirements will be provided by Rospotrebnadzor.

2. From May 12, 2020, the use of masks, respirators or other respiratory protective equipment, as well as gloves, will be mandatory in stores, shopping centers, as well as when traveling on any kind of public transport and taxi in Moscow.

3. Temporary restrictions on the functioning of trade, public catering, services, culture, education, sports and other non-productive industries, as well as the regime of self-isolation of citizens, is extended until May 31, 2020.

4. Previously issued work passes will be automatically renewed until May 31, 2020.

Employees who return to work on May 12 must pre-issue permits by linking to them the numbers of cars, Troika cards, Strelka cards and social cards.
The procedure for obtaining digital passes for single trips remains the same. They can be received twice a week, and for trips to medical institutions and volunteer activities - daily.