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Meeting of Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC)


On 21 October, 2013 the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC), chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting. Among the questions discussed were: 

• Out-staffing and Secondment issues 
• Parallel Imports 
• Production and Consumption Waste 
• Customs Administration 
and others. 

Foreign investors and among them also AEB member companies, had an opportunity to express their position on above mentioned issues. During the discussion the AEB and its position was mentioned in connection with the research of the liberalization of parallel import consequences. AEB letter on secondment and out-staffing use was also mentioned by Maxim Topilin, RF Minister of Labour and Social Security. 

The position of AEB member companies and foreign investors, working in the Russian market, were clearly expressed and heard at the meeting. The AEB arguments regarding the decrease of investment, localization and the instability of Russian legislation on the liberalization of parallel imports were considered important by the Government. 

This reaction of the RF Government gives investors a strong positive signal for the future. 

The AEB would like to thank all the experts who contributed their time and effort to the process of preparing of our position on the above mentioned issues. 

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