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Meeting of the AEB and the EEC on the application of the technical regulations of the EAEU


On February 17, 2023, the AEB Product Conformity Assessment Committee held an open working meeting with representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission headed by Timur Nurashev, Director of the Department of Technical Regulation and Accreditation of the EEC.

During the meeting, the participants discussed a wide range of issues in the sphere of technical regulation in different industries.

Representatives of the AEB expressed their willingness to provide expert support in the development of the technical regulations.

In addition, the meeting participants exchanged views on the principles of product conformity assessment and discussed particular aspects of securing of the technical market access of the product being placed on the market among the EAEU member states.

During the discussion, the topic of extending the provisional measures have been applied to the conformity assessment of serially produced products being placed on the market was discussed.

The parties agreed that such meetings should be held periodically to discuss problematic issues of technical regulation and recommendations on its improvement.