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Meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs representatives


On 6 July 2018, Frank Schauff, AEB CEO, Liudmila Shiryaeva, AEB Migration Committee Chairperson, and Alexey Filipenkov, AEB Migration Committee Deputy Chairman, met with Alexander Aksenov, Deputy Head of Chief Migration Directorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. 

Among other participants were: Igor Dudnik, Deputy Head of the Moscow city Migration Directorate, Andrei Kostorei, Deputy Head of the Moscow region Migration Directorate, as well as other representatives of migration authorities.

The meeting was devoted to the practical implementation of new rules of migration registration procedure for foreign employees in the Russian Federation, which were adopted by the Federal Law 163 “On amendments to the Federal Law of Migration registration of foreign citizens” on June 27, 2018 and will enter into force on July 8, 2018. 

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