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Meeting with Vladimir Goshin


On 11 June 2014, Frank Schauff, CEO, AEB and AEB Customs and Transport Committee members met with Vladimir Goshin, Member of Board (Minister) for customs cooperation, Eurasian Economic Commission. Vladimir Goshin informed the AEB about the main changes to the Customs Union Customs Code (starting from May 29, 2014 Customs Code of Eurasian Economic Union), which were implemented and are in the process of improvement during last year, among them: automatic goods release, single window for customs procedure, technical regulation and CU unified data base, authorized economic operator, and others. Two working groups on Single window approach and Authorized economic operator were set up together with CU parties customs authorities and business representatives from Kaz-Bel-Rus in order to unified the legislation of three CU parties and further reciprocal recognition of AEO institute on the territory of Eurasian Union. Minister addressed his request to AEB to get the comparison study on AEO in Eurasian union and European Union. Minister also mentioned that mostly all treatments of the Customs Code now codified and Customs Code maintains less references to the national legislation of CU parties. For a moment, as Minister mentioned, the residence principal will continue to apply (be kept) until the CU parties have different approach to customs rules implementation. Mr. Goshin express his worries on the currency control if the residence principle will be canceled. There are a lot of uncertainties on this matter. The Risk management system has to be improved on the national legislation level and deliver the control on this issue on the level of Eurasian union. The Minister informed AEB that Eurasian economic commission is now in process of implementing the Chapter on express delivery of goods on the territory of Eurasian Union. The first meeting of the working group on this issue will be held on June 16, 2014 in EEC. But the chapter provisions will come into force probably only from January 2016. The text of the Customs Code of the Eurasian economic union will be published in the end of July 2014. During the meeting the AEB raised the important issue as parallel import. EEC representative informed AEB that Customs Code provides the regional principle of exhaustion rights. Further the other AEB issues  (according to the AEB list of questions) were discussed at the meeting. At the end, Frank Schauff and Vladimir Goshin discussed the agenda of the joint official visit to Cologne, Germany in September 2014.