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Open Event “Taking the temperature of investment climate”


On September 12, 2013 the AEB held an open event organized by the Finance and Investments Committee, titled “Taking the temperature of investment climate”. The welcome speech was made by Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO. The event was moderated by Stuart Lawson, Chairman of the AEB Finance&Investments Committee, EY. 

The event gave the audience an opportunity to hear from well-known experts about the current state of the Russian economy and investment climate in Russia. The panel discussion was followed by Q&A session. 

The AEB kindly thanks EY, the silver sponsor of the event, for its support. 

Ben Aris, Editor-in-chief, business new Europe (bne); Roland Nash, Chief Investment Strategist, Verno Investment Research Limited; Stuart Lawson, Chairman of AEB Finance & Investments Committee; Executive Director / Head of UK Business Center, EY; Clemens Grafe, Chief Russian Economist/Co-head of New Markets Economic Research, Global Investment Research, Goldman Sachs in Moscow.