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Overview of Salary Surveys in Russia


On 13 November 2014 the Compensation & Benefits Sub-Committee of the AEB HR Committee held its business meeting ”Overview of Salary Surveys in Russia”

The event which has been held annually for the past seventeen years, followed the format of a panel discussion. All the major providers of salary surveys in Russia including EY, PwC, HayGroup and Human Capital Solutions were invited to take part in the event as speakers. The event was moderated by Ekaterina Kibis, Chair of the AEB Compensation & Benefits Sub-Committee, Manager, Tax & Law Department, Human Capital Group, EY. 

L-R: Alyona Leonova, Human Capital Solutions; Irina Chernozubova, Hay Group Russia; Evgenia Kurzaeva, PwC; Evgeniya Bolshakova, EY; Ekaterina Kibis, EY.