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Overview of salary surveys in Russia 2023


On November 1, 2023, the AEB Compensation and Benefits Sub-Committee of the AEB HR Committee held an open event: “Overview of salary surveys in Russia 2023”. 

Compensation strategy, compensation packages and the need for a benefits package are always a hot topic for companies in the Russian market.

At the webinar, AEB members were presented with the results of salary surveys. 

Olga Purgina, B1 and Nadezhda Voronina, TeDo focused on FMCG & Retail, Finance & Manufacturing sectors. 

Tatiana Antonova, Kept, shared her practical experience with the participants: how approaches of staff motivation was changed after leaving the global network.

Irina Aksenova, Chairperson of the AEB HR Committee, opened the meeting.

The webinar was moderated by Maria Ivanova, Chairperson of the AEB Compensation and Benefits Sub-Committee.