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Panel discussion, Russian Energy Week


On 4 October 2017 AEB CEO, Frank Schauff took part in Panel "Cooperation Between Russia and Europe: The Path to a Global Rise in Energy Efficiency" organised by the AEB Energy and Energy Efficiency Committees at Russian Energy Week.

Experts view energy efficiency as an important priority in global energy policy. Energy security and environmental safety, combatting climate change and ensuring access to energy all depend on it. However, despite energy saving measures adopted in recent decades, some 70% of global energy consumption still pays no attention to energy efficiency. Changes in the global energy situation – primarily the drastic drop in prices for traditional energy sources and the US’ exit from the Paris agreement – raise doubts over the global community’s resolve in optimizing energy consumption in the near future. In this regard, cooperation between the leading economies of the Old World – Russia and the EU member states – on effective energy use and ensuring a switch to green energy is particularly important. 
What are the fundamental issues in this cooperation and which tools are best? What are the barriers for this cooperation: how significant are they and how can they be overcome? What role should business play? Which energy efficiency technologies will be most in demand and how can integration between Russia and the EU be achieved in the field of technology? What are the perspectives of energy sector modernization in Russia? What kind of technological strong points may become its basis?   

Among the panelists were:

  • Bashir Chalabi, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies, AEB Energy Efficiency Committee Chairman
  • Max Gutbrod, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
  • Anton Inutsyn, Deputy Minister, RF Ministry of Energy
  • Mirko Šarović , Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia & Herzegovina                 
  • Frank Schauff, CEO, Association of European Businesses (AEB)
  • Maxim Shereikin, CEO, Technological Development Agency
  • Torgeir Kydland,  Country President, Statoil Russia 
  • Philippe Pegorier,  President  Alstom Russia, member of the AEB Board
  • Johan Vanderplaetse, Senior Vice-President, Schneider Electric, President, Russia & CIS
  • Alexis Conan, General Director, Legrand Russia & CIS
The moderator of the panel discussion was Jacques de Boisseson, General Director, General Representative of Total in Russia.

Photo: L.-R.: Anton Inutsyn, Deputy Minister, RF Ministry of Energy; Torgeir Kydland,  Country President, Statoil Russia; Johan Vanderplaetse, Senior Vice-President, Schneider Electric, President, Russia & CIS; Frank Schauff, CEO, Association of European Businesses (AEB).