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Product Conformity Assessment Committee's contribution to the New edition of Recommendations on temporary features of certification of products


The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation with the participation of Rosaccreditation have developed Extended Recommendations on temporary measures to carry out inspection control, sampling and other planned activities, taking into account the complex epidemiological situation associated with the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

The development of this document was carried out in an intensive mode in the framework of the work of the interdepartmental working group, with direct participation of the Chairman of the AEB Product Conformity Assessment Committee Sergei Gusev.

Most of the fundamental and important proposals made on behalf of the AEB, including the renewal of certification of new mass-produced products and the remote analysis of the state of production, managed to defend during preliminary consultations and coordination, and they were reflected in the new Recommendations.