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Russian rental market in the new environment


On April 29, 2022, the AEB Real Estate Committee organized a webinar "Russian rental market in the new environment". The event was moderated by the Committee Chair Tatiana Kovalenko.

In the current crisis in Russia, the problem of renegotiating or terminating a rental agreement has become one of the most important issues for many companies in a variety of sectors. During the webinar, leading experts in the field of real estate, Ekaterina Sidenko, ADVANT Beiten, and Stanislav Veselov, ALRUD, considered legislative innovations, difficulties frequently encountered in practice, and a number of important points which provoke disputes between the parties. 

Ekaterina Sidenko presented the problem of how a tenant should negotiate with the landlord during the crisis: since nowadays many tenants (including those who suspended their activity as well as those who made a decision to leave the Russian market) seek to change the terms of the rental agreement or terminate the agreement at all due to the non-use of the premises in order to cut expenses. The expert considered possible grounds for changing/terminating a rental agreement and the current legislative trends in this area, as well as the emerging judicial practice, and suggested some optimal solutions. 

Stanislav Veselov in his speech focused on such important aspects of disputable situations, as the right of the tenant's access to the closed premises, the right to restrict the tenant's access to the rented premises, the right to retain the property of the tenant, as well as the rights of the landlord in case of initiation of the tenant's liquidation. 

As usual, at the end of the speakers' presentations the participants of the meeting had an opportunity to ask the experts questions within the framework of the problems voiced.