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Specifics of Taxation in the Real Estate Sector


On September 8, 2022, the Real Estate Committee held a webinar on the specifics of the real estate taxation, with Leonid Somov and Ksenia Bulgakova, experts from Taxology, invited as speakers.

The event was moderated by the Deputy Chair of the Committee Anton Alekseev.

Leonid Somov spoke about the tax risks and tax benefits associated with the commissioning of commercial facilities and described situations that cause concerns for businesses regarding the need to pay the property tax. Particular attention was given to the peculiarities of the taxation of infrastructure. Another long-standing problematic issue - the status of apartments and the related property tax payment - was considered as well. 

Ksenia Bulgakova told about the basics and grounds for taxation of objects on the balance and cadastral value, including the procedure for determining and applying the value starting from 2023, as well as on the modification and contestation of the cadastral value. 

The theoretical information was supported by references to the conclusions of the courts in specific cases, with clarifications and practical recommendations. As usual, at the end of the webinar listeners had the opportunity to ask the speakers their questions.