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Sustainable green building: challenges, practice and solutions


19 February 2014, the AEB North-Western Regional Committee’ s Construction and Real estate subcommittee held an open event in St. Petersburg on “Sustainable green building: challenges, practice and solutions”.

Moderated by Mikko Soderlund, Chairman of the AEB NWRC Construction & Real estate subcommittee, the event covered such topics as:

- Challenges and solutions of the sustainable building in Russia;
- Financing and technical assistance for energy and resource efficiency in commercial buildings     and retail;
- Russian market overview on commonly applied green standards;
- Overview of the existing Russian regulatory framework and potential hidden pitfalls;
- Characteristics of green standards in Russia;
- Economic effectiveness of green building certification;
- The practical reality of green building implementation (experience of European companies in Russia, in particular, in North-Western region and Europe).

We kindly acknowledge the silver sponsors of the event: Astron - Lindab Buildings and Leorsa Group of Companies.