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Tadzio Schilling spoke at the International data conference "The Road to Bern"


On September 10, Tadzio Schilling spoke at the international conference of the 3rd UN World Data Forum "The Road to Bern," which has been held since 2017. The conference focuses on the usability of statistics by businesses and simple users.

Pavel Malkov, Head of Rosstat, opened the conference with opening remarks.

Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO, spoke at the panel session "Official statistics and private data producers:opportunities for collaboration", moderated by Dmitry Politov, Executive Director of Centrostat.

2021-09-10 (26).png

Tadzio told about the regular collection of statistics on the sales of cars and construction equipment within the Association and about the role of these data in forming the social and economic picture. He also told about the importance of retaining the right for companies to use statistics for their further production development and about other projects related to data in AEB.

Besides Tadzio Schilling, the speakers of the session were: Aurelia Spataru, Deputy Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova (Zoom), Vladislav Onischenko, President of the Center for Strategic Research, Mikhail Stepnov, Executive Director of SberAI Data Research, Sergey Avetisyan, Project Manager, Geoanalytics and Stephen Weil, UNECE Senior Statistician and Regional Advisor.