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Talent management and mobility. Corporate Identity


On 11 December 2019 the AEB Assessment Training and Development Sub-Committee arranged the  Round Table “Talent management and mobility. Corporate Identity” in the AEB Conference Center.

The event devoted Talent management and mobility. Committee members  discussed the following questions: 
 - Does we lose our talents being a source company or region? 
 - Does we acquire corporate citizens? Or maybe these newcomers undermine our culture? 
 - Whom should we develop? Local or global talent? 
 - How can we make mobility process transparent and legal for the stakeholders? 
Talent Management practitioners shared their experience how they struggle with these issues within international companies. Among the speakers were: Marina Gubanova, International Mobility Advisor BP; Marina Kudriavtseva, Vice-president HR Operations, Shell; Tatiana Razorenova, Head of HR Russia, Repsol; Eugenia Stanislavskaya, HR Director, Chevron. 

The meeting will be moderated by Irina Zarina, Assessment training and Development sub-committee Chairperson, Managing Director, SHL Russia & CIS.