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Talks on The Russian Economy


On February 20, 2024, experts and members of the AEB gathered as part of the next round of webinars “Talks on the Russian Economy” in order to discuss the macroeconomic forecast for 2024 this time.

Already the twelfth round of talks was devoted to the results of the past year and prospects for 2024. The invited experts presented an analysis of such indicators of the Russian economy as the dynamics of labor resources, industrial output, the results of the year for the banking sector, the impact of sanctions on the dynamics of investment, and the evolution of the trade balance.
Moderated by AEB CEO Tadzio Schilling leading Russian and international economists tried to answer the questions of whether 2024 will be a decisive year for the Russian economy, whether new models have emerged for overcoming the crisis, and what awaits the economy in the short and long term.