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Talks on The Russian Economy. Bricsonomics


Within nine years the AEB “Talks on the Russian Economy” were devoted to lots of vital issues for the development of the Russian and global economy. This time we decided to dedicate the talks to BRICSONOMICS as BRICS economics are growing and new countries are invited to join the organization. 

The participants of the event discussed the role, formation history and prospects for the development of BRICS. 

Victoria Panova, Vice-Rector, NRU Higher School of Economics; Sherpa of the Russian Federation in the Women's Twenty, made an overview of current state of BRICS, assessment of challenges and opportunities for development of the organization.

Alexander Knobel, Director of the Institute of International Economics and Finance of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, talked about the share and role of BRICS in the global economy, as well as areas of cooperation and goals in mutual trade.

Yaroslav Lisovolik, Founder of “BRICS + Analytics”, shared his analysis on the possible common currency, approaches of member countries and prospects of the idea.
Andrey Shelepov, Senior Researcher at the Center for Research of International Institutions (RANEPA), assessed the results of the last BRICS Summit and perspectives of the development of the organization.

The event was chaired by Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO.