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The AEB Council of National Representation (CNR) elected its Chairman and his Deputies


The Association of European Businesses is pleased to announce that the CNR on 15 May 2018 re-elected Lodewijk Schlingemann, Juralink Legal Consultancy (the Netherlands), as CNR Chairman at its first meeting after the AEB Annual General Meeting.
Daniel Ruzicka, Mikenopa (Czech Republic) and Fredrik Svensson, Mannheimer Swartling (Sweden) were elected as CNR Deputy Chairpersons.  

The сurrent members of the CNR are:

AUSTRIA - Rudolf Lukavsky, Austrian Trade Commissioner; 
CZECH REPUBLIC - Daniel Ruzicka, Mikenopa – CNR Deputy Chairperson; 
DENMARK - Aage V. Nielsen, Vitus Bering Management; 
ESTONIA - Meelis Milder, Baltika Group;
FRANCE - David Lasfargue, Jeantet (subject to the AEB Board approval); 
FINLAND - Jari Jumpponen, East office of Finnish industries;
GERMANY - Matthias Schepp, German-Russian Chamber of Commerce;
HUNGARY - Tamas Endrenyi, EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC in Russia;
ICELAND - Ingolfur Skulason, Kleros LLC (subject to the AEB Board approval);
IRELAND - Charles Mahon, PM Group;
MALTA - Patrick Catania, International Hotel Investments (Benelux) B.V. in St. Petersburg;
MONTENEGRO - Luka Nikčević, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in Moscow (subject to the AEB Board approval);
THE NETHERLANDS - Lodewijk Schlingemann, Juralink Legal Consultancy - Chairman;
POLAND - Alexander Janeczek, Work Service (subject to the AEB Board approval);
PORTUGAL – Jorge Azevedo Sousa, Rusgrape LLC;
REPUBLIC OF CROATIA - Jakov Despot, Croatian Chamber of Economy Representation to Russia;
SLOVAKIA - Peter Shulek, Europeum;
SLOVENIA - David Kokalj, Medico Vital (subject to the AEB Board approval);
SWEDEN - Fredrik Svensson, Mannheimer Swartling – CNR Deputy Chairperson (subject to the AEB Board approval);
SWITZERLAND - Martial Rolland, Nestle Russia & Eurasia;
THE UNITED KINGDOM - Roger Munnings, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC).

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