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The brand-new AEB “green” publication


We are pleased to present you the first ever AEB green publication “Moving Towards Sustainability” entirely dedicated to the issues of sustainable development and the green agenda. 

The magazine is prepared under the leadership of the AEB Green Initiative Steering Committee.

The publication provides an overview of global climate policy and the advancement of this agenda in Russia over the past year, trends in the development of the renewable energy market in the European Union, energy transition instruments emerging in Russia, exploration of the Russian green finance market, the development of entrepreneurial creative thinking in response to environmental constraints. Companies also shared their best green practices in the magazine.

We hope that the magazine will be useful to a broad audience – not only professionals in the area of sustainable development, but all representatives of the business community. 

At AEB we are committed to long-term value creation that inspires new opportunities. Please read our publication and welcome to move towards sustainability with us!