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The jogging club of the North-West Regional Committee opens the new season


The sports initiative, which originated among the members of the North-West Regional Committee in April of the last year is to be renewed after the winter break. We are pleased to announce that we are opening a new season at our Running Club. 

Members of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee jogging club invite you to join them for joint outdoor jogging along the scenic routes in St. Petersburg.

The running movement will be headed by Mikhail Akimov, DHL Express.

With last year's successful experience of combining runners with experience and those who were not previously interested in it, we are sure that this year it can also be interesting and exciting for absolutely everyone.

The proposed areas of jogging: the Neva embankments, Krestovsky Island, Yelagin Island and other locations.

If you have any further questions or want to participate in the jogging club, please contact: Anna Podryadchikova, AEB NWRC’s Coordinator, Tel.:  +7 953 353-65-23, e-mail: .