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Third International Forum “Anticounterfeit”


The Crop Protection Committee (CPC) is developing its anti-counterfeiting activities. At the Third International Forum “Anticounterfeit” held in Astana on 21 May 2014, Tatiana Belousovich, CPC GR Manager, delivered a report with an update on the anti-counterfeiting results in the Russian Crop Protection market. The Forum had 5 sessions on the different anti-counterfeiting issues and became an important basis for joining efforts in combatting counterfeit goods in the framework of the Common Economic Space. Next day, 22 May 2014, the CPC representatives actively participated in the training for policemen organized by the AEB member, Non-commercial partnership “Bureau of attorneys "Shevyrev and partners". The main target of the training was to provide trainees with objective information about the risk criteria and the specific features allowing to identify counterfeit goods efficiently. Svetlana Matveeva, CPC Anticounterfeiting Working Group Chairperson, made a presentation on specifics of Crop Protection Industry.

L-R: Elvira Azimova, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Anton Pakhomov, Senior Manager on Security, Pfizer Russia and CIS; Sergey Kaldayev, Head of Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia; Svetlana Romanovskaya, Deputy Minister of the Majilis Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Zhandarbek Bekshin, Deputy Chair of Kazakhstan Agency for Consumer Protection; Nataliya Kostikova, Director General of Aventa-Info LLC; Tatiana Belousovich, AEB Crop Protection Committee GR Manager; Farida Makeeva, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Medical and Pharmaceutical Control of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstran.