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What will be next when we exit "WORK FROM HOME"?


On June 10, 2020 AEB held an Opened Meeting: “WHAT WILL BE NEXT WHEN WE EXIT “WORK FROM HOME”?”, organized by the AEB HR and SHES Committees.


As nobody knows what will be next when we exit “WORK FROM HOME” regime and what needs to be done, the speakers shared their ideas and professional experience.

Chris Mawer, VP HSE & Engineering, BP Russia, told the participants about BP’s experience of getting back to the workplaces. Eugeny Reyzman, Deputy Chairperson of the Labor Law Sub-Committee Council, Baker & McKenzie, cautioned the participants about possible mistakes which should be avoided while returning employees to the workplaces.

The participants of the webinar discussed the challenges may occur to employers and employees and scenarios of a step-by-step returning of employees to the office. The invited speakers helped the participants to understand all legal health&safety aspects of returning to the normal life in the office and production sites.

For downloading the recording of the webinar please follow the link. 


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