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XIII Annual Customs Conference


On March 16 the AEB Customs and Transport Committee held its XIII Annual Customs Conference at Marriott Grand. 

Ruslan Davydov, First Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service, opened the conference and gave a presentation on the development of the Russian Customs administration and regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the main aspects of the Federal Customs Service Comprehensive Development Program for 2020.

Marina Iskoskova, Head of the Customs Legislation Department, Eurasian Economic Commission, gave an overview of the New Customs Code of the EAEU and EEC acts which are now under development by the EEC in consultation with business in order to improve customs administration in the EAEU. 

The second session of the conference included important topics such as "Prospective customs administration developmental trends", which was presented by Maksim Rodikov, Deputy Head of the General Department for Organising Customs Processing and Customs Control, Federal Customs Service, and "Development prospects for customs control of post released goods", presented by Valery Seleznev and Denis Gryasyn, General Department of Customs Control after the release of goods. 

The third session of the conference provided participants with information on the Risk Management System, as presented by Alexander Titov, Head of Macroeconomics Analysis Division, Risk Management and Operative Control Department, Federal Customs Service. 

A presentation by Leonid Lozbenko, Head of Public Council of the Federal Customs Service, on the plans and prospects of the FCS Public Council closed the conference and underlined the importance of close cooperation between the customs authorities and business, helping both sides adopt the best practices in the field of customs.

The photoreport is avaliable here