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XV Annual Migration Conference


On December 7, 2022, AEB Migration Committee held the 15th anniversary conference, that was called this year "Migration policy in the new conditions: challenges, perspectives, practice". The conference was held with the participation of the leadership of the General Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as representatives of the Moscow Migration Directorate and Moscow region Directorate of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ludmila Shiryaeva, AEB Migration Committee Chairperson, GR director, Tax & Law, B1 Group, opened the conference and moderated the first session.

Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO, thanked the General Migration Directorate and regional directorates for the continuous dialogue throughout the year and the support of AEB members. Thanks to effective cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this year the AEB Migration Committee managed to maintain the status and preferences for HQS, the conditions for passing a medical examination once in 3 years.

Valentina Kazakova, Head of General Directorate for migration, Ministry of Internal Affairs, presented data on the number of foreign citizens in Russia, plans to expand the possibilities of using information technologies in the field of migration services, spoke in detail about the reform of migration legislation in 2022.

Pavel Dutov, Deputy Head of the Department for External Labor Migration of the General Directorate for migration,  and Igor Dudnik, Deputy Head of the Migration Department of the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow city, shared some details of HQS status and migration checks.

Denis Pasyugin, Head of the Labor Migration Division of the General Directorate for migration, Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Region, and Armen Oganesyan, Head of the Department of Permits and Visas, gave explanations on the requirements and deadlines for migration registration and answered many practical questions of AEB members.

Alexey Filipenkov, Deputy Chairman AEB Migration Committee, Partner, Visa Delight, moderated the second session and spoke about changes in the legislation regarding obtaining a TRP, residence permit and Russian citizenship.

Alexandra Prokuda, Junior Manager, B1 Group, speaking about the medical examination of foreign citizens, dwelled in detail on the timing of the re-examination, the places where it can be passed and the procedure for submitting the results.

Elena Morozova, Associate, ADVANT Beiten, and Margarita Еgiazarova, Senior Associate, PhD in Law, Labour and Employment Practice, ALRUD Law Firm, presented criteria for granting a residence permit for investors and nuances of labor and tax relations in the context of migration issues.