Комитет автопроизводителей

Position Paper 2020


Thomas Staertzel Porsche Russland


Olga Zueva


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Цели и задачи
  • To unite and represent the common interests of its members 

  • Major international automobile producers acting as official importers to Russia 

  • To create and observe fair business rules for all companies officially operating in Russia and to leverage inter-company cooperation 

  • To lobby the interests of international automobile manufacturers to the Russian government and other relevant authorities, concentrating on the most important and urgent issues of the automotive business 

  • To create fair business rules for official automotive importers operating in Russia
План действий
  • To gather information on the automotive market in Russia.
  • To cooperate with national and international automotive associations.
  • To address Moscow Motor Show issues (odd years — commercial transport, even years — cars shows).
  • To discuss gasoline quality issues.
  • To develop official channels for used cars business.
  • To words towards amendments to the current legislation to eliminate double VAT at trade-in operations.
  • To strengthen the efforts of the PR departments of the member companies on common issues.
  • To ensure the development of the transparent and efficient vehicle certification system.
  • To address ELV (end life vehicles) issues.
  • To join efforts on relevant customs issues.
  • To jointly discuss current changes to the consumer legislation.
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