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Briefing by Konstantin Romodanovsky


On 16 February 2015, the AEB Migration Committee organised a briefing by Konstantin Romodanovsky, the RF Minister, Head of the RF Federal Migration Service. Mr. Romodanovsky and representatives of Federal Migration Service, briefed the AEB member-companies on the new FMS legislative initiatives in the framework of the Russian migration policy concept implementation for the period up to 2025: upcoming changes in immigration system, as well as practical migration matters, such as new patent system for foreign employees from non-visa countries, notification of the FMS of Russia on dual citizenship, exams for foreign employees, HQS in Representative offices, new rules of employment contracts with a foreign employee and other changes to the Labor Code and administrative liability of foreign employees. Konstantin Romodanovsky and Lev Yakobson, First Vice-Dean of High School of Economics, presented at the Event the questionnaire on monitoring the business needs for hiring of foreign specialists in Russia. 
Please find the questionnaire HERE.  

L—R: Philippe Pegorier, Chairman of the AEB Board, President, Alstom (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus); Liudmila Shiryaeva, Chairperson of the AEB Migration Committee, Executive Director, EY; Frank Schauff, AEB CEO; Konstantin Romodanovskiy, Head of the RF Federal Migration Service.

Post release on ENG and RUS

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