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In consideration of the increasingly serious situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, the advice of Rospotrebnadzor and a growing number of companies introducing rules to avoid public gatherings, the Board of AEB has taken the decision to change the format of the Annual General Meeting on 17 March 2020. The members can participate and vote in the AGM by power of attorney only. In order to ensure a proper organization and confidentiality of the voting, the Board decided that Mrs. Olga Anisimova, lawyer of Castren & Snellman, will be the only person to receive powers of attorney.

The meeting on 17 March 2020 will therefore NOT take place in Baltschug Kempinski Hotel.

In order to keep the AGM 2020 in this chosen format manageable, the agenda is limited to the following 4 items: election of the chairman and the secretary of the AGM, the election of the Board members, the election of the members of the Auditing Commission and the election of the CEO. Other agenda items will be decided in a later meeting of the members.

It is very important that you exercise your rights as AEB Member, since the respective decisions need to be supported by a 50% quorum of AEB Members participating in the voting.

To participate in the AGM 2020 and its voting procedures, each participating member must issue an official Power of attorney to Mrs. Olga Anisimova in the form as attached hereto. The Power of attorney must be signed and stamped by the authorized person (in accordance with the charter of the company), and sent in PDF-form to, or by facsimile to +7 495 799 5687 before March 17th, 2020, 5 pm, Moscow time. Office Castren & Snellman telephone: +7 (495) 799 56 84.

To indicate the candidate of your choice, please mark the box ‘For’ to the left of the name of your favorite person with a CROSS ‘X’” – for the Board and Auditing Committee and “To vote FOR or AGAINST the candidate, please mark the box of your choice with a CROSS ‘X’ – for the CEO.

Emails or faxes with powers of attorney received after the mentioned deadline will considered to be not valid and will not be taken into account.

After sending the PDF or fax copy of your Power of attorney you must send the original Power of attorney by registered mail or courier to Mrs. Olga Anisimova: Castren&Snellman, Stoleshnikov per. 14, 1st entrance, 5th floor, 107031 Moscow, Russia.

Please remember that each AEB Member company has only one vote and that only AEB Members that have paid their membership fees for 2020 will be allowed to vote.

For more details, you may contact Ruslan Kokarev, Deputy CEO — Chief Operating Officer, at +7 495 234 27 64 ext. 139 or by e-mail:  

Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Ul. Balchug ,1, Moscow

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