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On November 26, the Real Estate Committee of the Association of European Businesses (AEB) together with the Association of Industrial Parks (AIP) held a hybrid (online and offline at SEZ “Lipetsk”) event tiled: “BUSINESS DIALOGUE: DIGITALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PARKS AND SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES IN RUSSIA”. The event was opened by Tadzio Schilling, AEB Chief Executive Officer, and moderated by Tatjana Kovalenko, AEB Real Estate Committee Chair, Deputy General Director, SENDLER & COMPANY. 

Kirill Malyshev, InState Co-founder, and Alexander Gelik, InState Chief Executive Officer demonstrated infrastructure, buildings, operations and maintenance management systems. Dmitry Dudarev, JSC “Lipetsk SEZ” Chief Executive Officer told about automated monitoring and control as a key part of qualitative service offer for modern industries. Principles of development of energy accounting systems databases – web opportunities for investors. Sergey Kostyunichev, Astron Buildings Ltd. Key Account Manager, Russia & CIS briefed about price fixing as a tool to improve construction efficiency. Irina Konanykhina, BIM coordinator, Bilfinger Tebodin talked about BIM 360 as the tool to organize initial data. Benefits of the platform while implementing of the project in the industrial park. Sean Pike, Senior Project Team Leader, Drees & Sommer spoke on the lean Construction Management & Defect Management, digital Approach and benefits uncovered. Maxim Sonnykh, JSC Bosch Rexroth Head of Production Automation presented Bosch experience in automatization and digitalization of discrete production. Sergey Grechishnikov, Head of the production of finished product, Bekart Lipetsk LLC told about digital manufacturing and practical experience.

The event was followed by fruitful discussions, excursions to plants of “Lipetsk SEZ”, LLC "Bekart Lipetsk" and OBO Bettermann and lunch.

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Presentations are available below the text.

Костюничев_Астрон_Фиксация цены как инструмент повышения эффективности строительства.pdf View/Open
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