Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee

Committee Position Paper 2022
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Vitaliy Bogachenko Holcim


Olga Novichkova

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1)  Platform for communication between the members of the committee.

2) Representation of European companies for construction and building material suppliers in Russia (in private, governmental and non-governmental organisations).

3) Communication to outside of the committee on general and specific questions

Action Plan

1) In Lobbying the Committee should help develop technical regulations and norms in Russia in matters such as green standards, energy efficiency and all in all, standards in a way that could bring quality and functionality to end consumer in a context of respect to the environment and cost efficiency.

2) Also in Lobbying, the Committee should monitor developments in legislation, as well as in all business related matters that might result in an impact in costs or altogether in the business environment. The Committee shall try to establish constructive interlocution with the Administration to avoid negative effects of new laws, political decisions or governmental decisions altogether.

3) With regards to Marketing, the Committee shall try to get visibility. With this purpose, it studies possible lines of action including, but not restricted to: quarterly events organized to cover different matters of the interest of members and media; market indicators, etc.

4) The Committee shall also Influence the improvement of business environment in matters such as transparency of public and private tenders, setting a market for recycling and re-utilization of waste and sub-products across industries, vocational education, networking with other companies/organisations. 

Committee news
AEB took part in the National Conference on the Development of the Building Materials Production
Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee members met with the Minpromtorg representative
AEB at the meeting of the Joint Scientific and Technical Council under the Moscow Government
AEB open meeting with the Green Building Council Board Chairman
Open meeting with Gasan Gasangadzhiev, Head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services, Moscow Government
AEB CI & BMS Committee members discussed conformity assessment of construction materials in Russia
AEB representatives took part in the opening ceremony of Intersec Forum Russia
Round Table “Industrial fire safety”
AEB Conference “Get Ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!”
AEB Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee held a meeting with Roman Kuprin, Deputy Head of Metallurgy and Materials Department of Minpromtorg
Sub-committees and working groups

Committee’s Catalogue

On March 21, 2019 Vitaly Bogachenko, Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee Chair took part in the conference “Dialogue of the construction industry: key vectors of development until 2024” with a report on the state of the building materials industry. 

Interview with the Committee Chairperson Vitaly Bogatchenko:

1. Comment by the Committee Chairperson Vitaly Bogatchenko for DOM.RF:
Российская строительная индустрия готовится к большому прыжку?

2. Виталий Богаченко (АЕБ): Тренды 2017 года — локализация, импортозамещение и увеличение экспорта для


Руководитель комитета Ассоциации европейского бизнеса — об основных трендах строительной отрасли

Мы решили побеседовать с председателем комитета по строительству и производству строительных материалов Ассоциации европейского бизнеса (АЕБ) Виталием БОГАЧЕНКО, которого попросили подвести итоги работы строительной отрасли за прошедший год и выявить ключевые тренды года наступившего.


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