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The Seed Committee was set up in 2014 as a subcommittee. It became a committee by the decision of the AEB Board in March 2015. Currently, it unites six leading international seed breeding and producing companies.

The aim of the Committee is to represent the member companies’ interests basing on consolidated position on the key issues of seed breeding, production and commercialisation through interaction with government bodies, public organisations, branch associations and unions to create and support a favorable climate for business.

Action Plan

While having a big potential, the Committee sees its development as in quantitative growth – attracting new members, – as in strengthening and widening cooperation with government bodies, branch associations, and public organisations. 

Top priorities are:
-developing the procedure of import of unregistered seeds for R&D purposes;
-optimising the registration procedure for new varieties/hybrids;
-creating conditions for effective localisation of seed production in Russia.

Committee news
Working meeting of AEB representatives with Deputy Chairperson of Agrarian Committee of State Duma
Working meeting with Rosselkhoznadzor on topical issues in the field of seeds and crop protection products manufacturing
Working meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V. Abramchenko
Working meeting with OZON
WG on CPP Anticounterfeit met with OZON
Working meeting of representatives of the State Sort Commission and the AEB Seed Committee
Meeting with representatives of ANRSK on seed breeding and seed production issues
Meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the Agrarian Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Yu. Ogloblina and representatives of the Seed Committee
AEB at the V Agri-Food Forum in Voronezh
AEB Seed Committee held an expanded meeting with representatives of leading international companies
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