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Brief overview on the recent waste management legislation and the AEB lobbying activities in this respect

Background information on waste management legislation

New Law on amendments to the Federal Law on Production and Consumption Waste and certain legal acts (law on waste management) came into force as of January 1, 2015.

Further to lobbying activities of the business community including the Association of European Businesses (AEB) producers/importers have been granted a transitional period for 2015 since the Government adopted zero recycling normatives for goods. However, for the majority of goods producers/importers have already to implement responsibility in accordance with the Law starting from 2016.

According to the Law producers/importers have two options. They can implement responsibility by their own (by building their own infrastructure, concluding agreements with waste management (WM) operators, a regional operator, any legal entity or individual entrepreneur dealing with WM or through establishing an association (a union) to which they can delegate fulfillment of recycling normatives. The other option is to pay an ecological fee to the federal budget.

Producers/importers have to declare goods for recycling and report about fulfillment of recycling normatives by April 1 to Rosprirodnadzor (The Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service). If they choose to pay an ecological fee to the federal budget (also via Rosprirodnadzor) it has to be done by April 15. There is a set of documents regulating the whole WM process, some of them (decrees on the list of goods for recycling, reporting on fulfillment of recycling normatives, declaration of goods, recycling normatives) are now under revision since several aspects are not covered clearly enough in the legislation.

AEB lobbying actions on waste management

The AEB has been active in the field of waste management legislation for several years. For these purposes the AEB established a cross-industrial Working Group on Waste Management which prepares positions on the question and participates in discussions with state authorities. The intensive work is also carried out in the industrial committees (SHES, crop protection, home appliances, tires producers, retail, others) with an accent on industries’ specifics.

Some industries in the AEB have already launched or are strongly considering launching pilot projects on implementation of waste management responsibility. The AEB is also in close contact with recycling companies and takes efforts in setting up interaction between producers/importers, recycling companies and other interested companies dealing with waste management.

The AEB cooperates closely with the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Ministry of Construction and Housing Utilities, Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and other state bodies responsible for implementation of waste management responsibility who ask for the AEB expertise and best practices from other countries. In this respect the AEB having expertise in lobbying in the waste management field is also a platform for a dialogue between different industries and state authorities.

For more information please contact Maya Limonnikova, AEB Legal Advisor,

Additional materials on waste management

  • AEB events on waste management

Meeting with Rosprirodnadzor on 26 December, 2016

Meeting with Rosprirodnadzor on 17 November, 2016


Round Table “New waste management regulation and its impact on business”, 2015

  • Laws

Federal Law №89-FZ

Federal Law №458-FZ

Federal Law №404-FZ

  • Decrees and other documents

Decree on the list of goods for recycling

Decree on recycling normatives

Decree on declaration of the released goods

Decree on reporting of fulfillment of recycling normatives

Decree on the ecological fee rate

Decree on the order on collection of the ecological fee

Decree on the order of implementation of responsibility

Decree on licensing of activities in the waste management field

Decree on selection of regional operators

Decree on the unique state system of waste counting (EGAIS)

Recommended recycling act forms:

  • Explanations of the state bodies

Waste management responsibility questions 

news from Rosprirodnadzor website

a court decision

Rosprirodnadzor’s explanations on implementation of the Law

Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology’s explanations regarding ecological fee payment and declaration of goods, packaging

  • Amendments to the important bylaws (ongoing, as of October 19, 2016):

List of goods for recycling



Recyclinhg normatives -

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