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Role of EHS in ESG and Sustainable Development. Implementation of Best Practices


On May 18, the AEB Safety, Health, Environment and Security Committee run the open event “Role of EHS in ESG and Sustainable Development. Implementation of Best Practices”. 

The session was moderated by Tatiana Borisova, Chairman of the AEB Safety, Health, Environment and Security Committee, Regional HSE & BCM Head, Novartis.

For several years in a row, companies of all levels have been operating in an environment of unprecedented, growing crises and uncertainty. Supporting employees and business processes to achieve sustainability requires further implementation and development of ESG principals.

Proper EHS monitoring and its implementation at workplaces are essential for ESG. The sustainable development of ESG is crucial for the stakeholders to determine the community impact. EHS leaders ensure the proper safety and health of workers, as well as guide environmental support.

The SHES Committees’ speakers from Novartis, Roche Diagnostics, Systeme Electric and Melling, Voitishkin and Partners discussed ESG trends and shared their vision of the role of EHS in ESG and sustainable development.

Global ESG trends were disacussed: 
E – Environmental practices for future of humanity
S – Inclusive recruitments’ benefits for accessible workplace
G – Corporate management in Health and Safety for wellbeing of employees.

The experts of the SHES Committee noted the need to raise the awareness of the professional community through closer interaction, and also expressed their interest in transferring their knowledge to colleagues in order to increase the competencies of the business community. The SHES Committee is preparing for the next round table and invites participants to share topics to organize training workshops to improve competence.

Presentations are attached.

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