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Transformation of occupational safety and health


On November 27 the AEB Safety, Health, Environment and Security Committee ran an open event “Transformation of occupational safety and health – new approaches, technologies and development of employee competencies”. 

The event was supported by Manpower.

According to ILO, managing safety and health is an integral part of managing a business. Businesses need to do a risk assessment to find out about the hazards and risks in their workplace(s) and put measures in place to effectively control them to ensure these hazards and risks cannot cause harm to workers.
Proper EHS monitoring and its implementation at workplaces are essential for ESG. The sustainable development of ESG is crucial for the stakeholders to determine the community impact. EHS leaders ensure the proper safety and health of workers, as well as guide environmental support.
Occupational safety and health, including compliance with the OSH requirements pursuant to national laws and regulations, is the responsibility and duty of the employer. The employer should show strong leadership and commitment to OSH activities in the organization and make appropriate arrangements for the establishment of an OSH management system.
The employer should ensure that employees and their safety and health representatives are consulted, informed and trained on all aspects of OSH, providing the strong corporate culture in the organization.

The event speakers discussed the following topics:

- current frameworks of labor market 
- a culture at the occupational health and safety in organization
- a digitalization at workplace in HSE
- improvement of qualifications and development of competences of employees in HSE
Next Committee meeting will be run as workshop for OHS experts to improve first aid skills at the enterprise among.

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