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Andreas Bitzi Quality partners. Elena Novoselova Coleman Group Wilhelmina Shavshina B1 Group


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To create a more favourable business and investment environment in the North-Western Region in order to benefit member companies. The North-Western region of Russia covers the regions of St. Petersburg, Leningrad oblast, Pskov as well as the oblast of Novgorod, Karelia, Murmansk and Kaliningrad, Komi and Nenetsky AO, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions.

Action Plan
  • To be the best Western lobbying power supporting member companies 
  • To improve the business environment, increasing the transparency and developing honest business opportunities in the region. 
  • To facilitate efficient cooperation with local and federal authorities in order to solve problems or to benefit member companies and/or their business sectors in their activities.  
  • To develop platforms, such as subcommittees or work groups, to resolve members’ business issues.  
  • To organise events and other meeting opportunities for networking purposes.  
  • To cooperate with consulates and other bodies of the European Union in the region.  
  • To cooperate with other business associations.  
  • To provide quality information according to the needs of member companies. 

Committee news
Elena Kiyanova re-elected as Chairwoman of the NWRC
AEB met with the business ombudsman of St. Petersburg
Annual General Meeting of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee
AEB NWRC and the Corinthia Hotel joint event “Why is creative thinking necessary in business?”
Strategic session of the National Council for Corporate Volunteering in St. Petersburg
Meeting with the State Labor Inspectorate of St.Petersburg
Winter cocktail of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee “The World of Cinema”
AEB North-Western Regional Committee's Conference “Results of the year 2023 – New Challenges or New Opportunities?”
Assessment and development of employees through the prism of generations up to 2030
AEB representatives took part in the “Volunteers of Peterhof” campaign

The AEB North-Western Regional Committee was founded in St. Petersburg in February 2010. Currently, there are some 108 member companies in the Committee, representing the whole spectrum of business sectors. 

In 2020, according to the results of the secret voting, the following representatives of the AEB member-companies were elected to the Steering Group of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee:

The AEB NWRC is a member of the Investment Council under the Governor of Leningrad Region, invited member of the Investment Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg, as well as a member of the Advisory Council under the North-Western Customs Authorities (SZTU). 


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