Moscow Mayor signed Decree further lifting COVID-19 restrictions


On 9 July 2020, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decree № 77-УМ further lifting COVID-19 related restrictions in two more phases, primarily in the field of education, culture, leisure and entertainment industry as well as regarding the provision of services to the population. In the event of a worsening epidemiological situation, the resumption of individual facilities may be postponed to a later date.

AS OF JULY 13, 2020:

1. The restrictions on offline work of educational institutions are lifted. Students can again go to universities, applicants and graduates - take exams offline. At the same time, the choice of the form of testing – offline or online version - remains with the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and university administrations. The ban on offline classes in sports, music and art schools as well as other educational organizations and courses for children and adults is lifted. General education schools and colleges are returning to normal work. Until early August students will pass exams. The Moscow authorties plan to start a full-fledged academic year, as usual, on September 1.

2. The restrictions on the work of attractions and recreation parks, cultural centers and leisure type organizations are removed. Those organisations can resume their work under the condition that the number of visitors does not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity of the venues. However, mass entertainment and open air cultural and recreational activities will continue to be suspended, since it is impossible to ensure compliance with social distance. For the same reason, it is not yet possible to hold public events.

3. Children's camps and children entertainment centers can reopen.

4. All restrictions in the field of entrepreneurship, provision of services to the population and other kinds of activity are removed. Enterprises and organizations can independently decide whether to maintain a distance working or return employees to offices.

5. When on the streets, citizens are encouraged to use masks, respirators or other respiratory protection equipment. Mandatory mask mode on the streets will be canceled. However, it is still necessary to use masks and gloves in public transport, medical facilities, shops and other public places. Requirements for maintaining social distance are also maintained.

AS OF AUGUST 1, 2020

1. Theaters, cinemas and concert halls with less than 3,000 seats can resume work, in the condition that no more than 50% are filled.

2. The number of spectators of sports competitions may be increased from 10% to 50% of the maximum capacity of the stands.

3. And, finally, the activities of the Moscow “Longevity” program can resume but only if classes are held outdoors.


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