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15.04.2021 Russia extends suspension of flights to the UK until summer
Russia has extended the suspension of air traffic with Great Britain until June 1 this year inclusive, TASS reports referring to the telegram of Rosaviatsiya sent to airlines.  More
14.04.2021 Everyone arriving in Russia by any means of transport have to be tested for coronavirus
Rospotrebnadzor decided that Russians entering Russia by any means of transport must be tested for coronavirus within 3 days of arrival.  More
14.04.2021 EU Council agrees its negotiating mandate on the Digital Green Certificate
EU ambassadors today agreed a mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament on the proposal for a Digital Green Certificate.  More
08.04.2021 Less than 9,000 people infected with coronavirus have been identified in Russia for the fifth day in a row
Over the past 24 hours, 8,672 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Russia. This is 4.56% more than the day before (8,294). For the fifth day in a row, the number of those infected was less than 9,000. The total number of those infected reached 4,614,834. More
08.04.2021 Germany will hold bilateral talks with Russia on the possibility of supplying Russian vaccine against Sputnik V coronavirus
Germany will hold bilateral talks with Russia on the possibility of supplying Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V, said the head of the German Ministry of Health Jens Spahn. Earlier a source told Reuters about the relevant plans of the Federal Republic of Germany. According to him, the European Commission has decided not to start discussion with the Russian Federation on the supply of Sputnik V. Since March, the vaccine has been tested by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). More
08.04.2021 A quarter of Russians who work remotely would like to continue working remotely
About a quarter of all Russians who worked remotely because of the pandemic will continue to prefer remote employment, said Mikhail Ivankov, head of the Federal Labor Service. More
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