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28.05.2020 The Moscow City Government published a map with a schedule of walks
On May 28,  the Moscow Mayor's Office published an online map, with the help of which you can find out when the residents of this or that house are permitted to go for a walk during the lockdown period (from June 1 to June 14). More
27.05.2020 Sergey Sobyanin extended the self-isolation regime until June 14 and announced the second stage of easing restrictions in Moscow
On 27 May 2020, Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin signed Decrees №61-УМ and №62-УМ which on the one hand extend the present lockdown regime until June 14, 2020, and on the other hand ease or abolish some of the restrictions. More
27.05.2020 Sergei Sobyanin proposed to soften the self-isolation regime in Moscow
On May 27, 2020, at a working meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin proposed to allow citizens to walk on a predetermined schedule in a test mode.  More
27.05.2020 Self-employed people will be able to participate in government support programs
On Wednesday, May 27, the State Duma adopted government amendments to the Federal Law "On the development of small and medium business in Russia", which provide for the provision of financial, property, information, consulting and educational support to self-employed people. More
27.05.2020 4 June: Webinar "TALKS ON THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY: Is there any life after COVID-19?"
Six years ago we have launched a series of events titled “Talks on the Russian Economy”, inviting widely known and recognised experts, Russians and foreigners, to discuss the most burning and vital issues for the development of the Russian economy, proposing fine and deep analysis and hopefully offering some solutions. 

We are pleased to invite you to the eighth round of these talks: “Is there any life after COVID-19?”.
26.05.2020 Russian Federal Air Transport Agency described the phasing out of sanitary measures at airports
Russian Federal Air Transport Agency and Rospotrebnadzor have developed recommendations for the gradual lifting of sanitary measures at airports and airplanes. Directions are published on the website of the Federal Air Transport Agency. More
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