Taxation Committee

Formed in 1997
Position Paper 2020


Alina Lavrentieva PwC

Deputy Chairperson(s)

Vadim Zaripov Pepeliaev Group, LLC


Olga Kirichinskaya
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Upcoming events

14.04.2020 11:00 Taxation Committee meeting |

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  • To monitor the implementation of the newly adopted Chapters of the Tax Code, subordinate acts and court practices

  • To listen to the views of AEB Members on tax issues and tax reform and present the Members ivews to the appropriate official bodies

  • To provide technical support to other AEB Committees on tax issues when working with the government and relevant ministries

  • To analyse changes to existing legislation (preferably durign the proposal stage) and advising AEB Members of the implications

  • To present information on tax laws and tax reform to AEB Members at regular briefings

  • To represent the AEB on tax matters and formulate its position for such events such as the Tax Club
Action Plan
  • To examine financial schemes for cross-border leasing

  • To study accounting of deferred taxes

  • To engage in taxation of long-term investments in insurance and pension funds

  • To hold regular working meetings with the Tax Ministry

  • To address different aspects of taxation of foreign legal entities

  • To continue the campaign against the introduction of VAT accounts

  • To hold consultations with the Tax Ministry and the Ministry of Finance on double-tax treaties issues

  • To monitor and update AEB Members on the latest changes in tax legislation by providing regular tax updates or holding monthly tax morning sessions

  • To cooperate with the FIAC Working Group on tax and accounting issues
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